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The Beneficiary Book is for your family!

What would your loved ones do if all of the answers they needed to get on with life suddenly vanished?

When only your answers will do…

The Beneficiary Book solves this. It’s a fill-in-the answers organizer that provides the gift of answers®

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Take heed from these respected people…

“If you wouldn’t give your children the keys to the car before first teaching them how to drive, then why would you pass down all or part of your estate to them without also passing down the wisdom to use it wisely?”

Author of The Beneficiary Book

“The advice you’ll find in this book is what you write yourself.  And that’s the beauty of it…  It’s designed to tell everyone where everything is – and advise them what to do once they find it.”

Susan tompor
Detroit Free Press

This extremely thorough book can help you create a roadmap for your agent or survivors that can be very handy when tragedy strikes. It covers not only financial records, but also things you might not have considered, like copyrights and patents that you hold, and where you keep your divorce papers and military discharge papers.

Deborah L. Jacobs
Forbes Magazine

Don’t leave your survivors to grieve over handling of everyday matters.  Before you die, remember this: After you die, you can answer no questions.  And your survivors will have many questions – financial and personal, serious and mundane.

Gene Tharpe
The Atlanta Journal


Upon incapacity or death, this document will ensure that your family will not be searching for YOUR ANSWERS in their time of emotional grief.


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