The Beneficiary Book, Download Edition

The Beneficiary Book, Download Edition

America’s #1 Family Information Organizer – Since 1992!

What would your loved ones do if all of the answers they needed to get on with life suddenly vanished?

When only your answers will do…

The Beneficiary Book solves this. It’s a fill-in-the answers organizer that provides the gift of answers®

The Beneficiary Book includes 8 Sections

Section One – Important Personal and Medical Information

  • General Information
  • Military Service
  • Marriage
  • Children and Grandchildren
  • Medical Insurance
  • Allergies – Medications
  • Doctors/Dentists – Immunizations
  • Chronic Illnesses
  • Personal Medical History
  • Medical History Details
  • Family Medical History
  • Other Family Medical History
  • Healthcare Documents
  • People with Special Needs
  • Notes and Comments
  • Authorization to Consent to Treatment of a Minor
  • Organ Donor
  • Medical Information Card

Section Two – First Things to do in an Emergency

  • Contact Lists
    • Who to Call First
    • Advisors and Priority Contacts
    • Family and Friends
    • Important Telephone Numbers
  • What to do
    • Priority “What to do first” List
    • General “To Do” List
  • Where to Find…
    • Priority Items
    • Important Papers and Documents
    • Miscellaneous Items
  • Notes and Comments

Section Three – Estate Plans and Final Arrangements

  • Healthcare Documents
  • Basic Checklist for Settling an Estate
  • Final Wishes and Arrangements
  • Estate Documents
  • Special Bequests
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Questions you would like to ask Your Family
  • Questions you would like to ask Your Advisors
  • Notes and Comments

Section Four – Finances, Investments, and Insurance

  • Income
  • Bank Accounts
  • Household Budget
  • Financial Obligations
  • Additional details about your Financial Obligations
  • Accounts to be Closed/Kept Open at Death
  • Who owes you money
  • Brokerage Accounts
  • Securities (Stocks – Bonds – Mutual Funds)
  • Real Estate
  • Retirement Plans
  • Annuities
  • Life Insurance (Group and Individually Owned)
  • Medical Insurance
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Notes and Comments

Section Five – Inventories

  • Safe-Deposit Box Contents
  • Contents of Home/Office Safe
  • Household Inventory and Personal Possessions
  • Collectables, Jewelry, and other Valuables
  • Keepsakes and Mementos
  • Motor Vehicles (Auto, Boat, RV, Airplane, etc.)
  • Inventory of Computer Software Programs
  • Items under Warranty and Service Contracts
  • Maintenance and Service Providers
  • Notes and Comments

Section Six – Business Interests

  • About your Business
  • Important Business Papers and Documents
  • Notes and Comments

Section Seven – Strictly Confidential

  • Access Codes and Passwords
    • Security
    • Communications and Computers
  • Online Banking, ATM Cards, and PIN Numbers
  • Credit Card Inventory
  • Combinations and Keys
  • Key Inventory
  • Other Top Secret Information
  • Notes and Comments

Section Eight – Everything Else…

  • Inside Secrets About Your Home
  • Yours Pets
  • Thoughts and Reflections
  • Ethical Will
  • Disaster Preparedness Guide and Survival Checklist
  • Notes and Comments

Get Organized Today

Buying this book and filling it out will insure that your family will not be searching for YOUR ANSWERS in their time of emotional grief.

The Interactive e-Book includes…

  • Fill in forms on your computer and print the completed forms… or… print out blank forms to fill in by hand.
  • Detailed forms to record personal and medical information for ALL household members, including people with special needs.
  • Medical Information ID Cards to alert medical professionals where and how to obtain vital medical information about all household members.
  • Inventory forms to record both tangible and intangible assets… Inventory just about everything from personal possessions to secret passwords to personal thoughts and reflections on life.
  • Checklists: Priority checklists for first things to do in the event of an emergency – A checklist for settling an estate – a Disaster Preparedness Guide and Checklist… There’s even a detailed form to record information about “who will” and “how to” care for your beloved pets.
  • Backing up, editing, updating and distributing your data couldn’t be simpler! Because this program is in PDF (Portable Document Format), you are literally a few mouse clicks from backing up and retrieving your data from any media source from a thumb drive to an offsite subscription backup service. You can even email all or part of your saved data to yourself or a trusted person.