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Our Customers' Testimonials


Years ago I came across the Beneficiary Book. It was one of the best things I could
have done for my family. I have kept it up
to date and now that I am 85 I know how
serene it has made me in this area all these
years. My family is a close knit one and after I am gone there will be no reason for
any thing other then harmony as they all
know about it.
Norman Rosen

Norman Rosen

Leave a positive legacy for your family

After dealing with the estates of family members, I can’t imagine NOT being prepared to help your loved ones once you are gone. This book helped immensely to organize bank account information, legal papers, even where keys are located. Things we didn’t even think of that your family would need to know when you die. The more well off you are, the chances are the estate will be much more complicated to settle. Why leave a legacy of chaos and confusion when you can minimize the stress and how your family remembers you? It’s worth the small investment!

Tory Moore, O.D.

Something You Owe Your Family

For over 20 years I have used and recommended to all of my friends, “The Beneficiary Book”. This complete book, that is all about you, is the most complete document that you can have, about you, not only for your beneficiaries, but for yourself. By completing the book and updating it from time to time leaves a “go to” document that will be appreciated by your heirs and very useful to you on a daily basis.

Tullis Thomas

Every family should have one

We have one for our self and gave all of our kids one when they got married. We copied extra blank pages.
Its great for record keeping. Have recommended it to my friends and relatives.
I love the hard copy. Also add other info, ( eg I photocopy all the “cards in my wallet, both sides)

G. Bertrand

Never Knew

When my husband died, I knew that
he had a couple of life insurance

I found two–but when I looked at
the Beneficiary Book, I found another
one. The Insurance company never
contacted me.

I would have been out thousands
of dollars.

Gretta Archer

Comfort For My Family

I’ve had the Beneficiary Book for several years and it gives me great comfort to know that my family will have all of the information that they need when I ultimately pass –which I hope will be a long time from now. It is very comprehensive covering anything that might be needed. It is also very easy to update as changes occur. I am a real advocate for the Beneficiary Book and strongly recommend it. W

Bill Sparks

A Great Treasure

I am a Certified Financial Planner. I bought several of these about 4-5 years ago for myself a few of my clients. It is a great resource for people to “get their house in order” and have everything in one place. I just recently purchased the online e-version and it is great. I have seen several other products that attempt to do the same thing, but there is none better than The Beneficiary Book.
Alan Siegel

Alan Siegel

The Best

THE BENEFICIARY BOOK is the best item of its kind on the market today. I have used nearly every version of this book from the first that came out years ago. I have purchased for other family members and will continue to use myself untill the end.



The Beneficiary Book is an excellent tool for managing personal and financial affairs. I’ve kept mine current for the last ten years. My heirs will be grateful!
A bit of effort is required to maintain and update the Book’s information, but it is well worth it.

Jim Sbarbaro

Peace of Mind

I struggled too much after my mom died getting all of her important information in order. She had a will, but I knew nothing about her bank accounts, investments, what she owed, etc. My own finances are far too complicated for a novice to find everything piecemeal, so I have the Beneficiary Book for my children and they know where it is. I wish I could just get them to read it while I am alive!

Dawn Vincent